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Ágatha Isabelle Moreira. C and C++ developer.
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About Ágatha Isabelle Moreira

September 28, 2023 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Welcome! I'm Ágatha, a seasoned software engineer whose career in technology is as diverse and complex as the systems I love to explore. Since embarking on this journey in tech in 2003, I've developed a deep affinity for the open-source ethos and a profound understanding of Unix/Linux systems, complemented by a rich 16-year experience in software development, being 7-year of professional experience in the software industry.

A Journey Through Technology

My career is a rich tapestry of experiences, starting in software development full time in 2007. As the founder of BeanWeb Solucoes, my role evolved over the years from hands-on coding to encompassing business and administrative responsibilities. This journey led me back to my technical roots as a freelancer in 2020 and into a full-time software engineering role in 2022, right after obtaining my Master's degree in Linguistics.

Deep Dive into Linux and Open Source

My passion and expertise lie in the intricate world of Linux kernel development and device drivers. This is where I feel most at home, tinkering with kernel modules and unraveling the complexities of system architecture. My journey with Linux is not just professional; it's a personal passion that has grown over the years, reflecting my dedication to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) principles and community-driven development.

From Device Drivers to Shell Scripts

I bring a wealth of experience in developing robust device drivers, an area where precision and reliability are paramount. In addition, my proficiency in shell scripting allows me to automate and streamline processes, enhancing system efficiency and productivity. These skills, combined with a solid background in socket programming, form the bedrock of my technical expertise.

Art in Code

Beyond the binaries and the bytes, I see coding as a form of art. My work in ASCII art is a testament to this belief, transforming pixels into striking text-based visuals. This creative approach permeates my professional work, where I strive to blend functionality with innovation.

Living at the Intersection of Identities

As autistic, trans woman, and proud lesbian, my diverse experiences shape a unique perspective in technology. This blend of personal and professional identities empowers me to advocate for inclusivity and neurodiversity in tech, championing environments where everyone can thrive.

Looking to the Future

With a career that spans the full spectrum of software development, from kernel tinkering to scripting elegance, I am continually seeking new challenges and opportunities. I'm passionate about contributing to projects that not only push the boundaries of technology but also reflect the diverse human experience behind every line of code.

Let's Collaborate

If you're looking for a software engineer who brings a unique blend of technical prowess, creative thinking, and a deep commitment to quality and innovation, let's connect. Together, we can create technology solutions that are robust, efficient, and truly impactful.

Thank you for visiting my professional space. I look forward to exploring how we can collaborate to bring your next project to life.

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